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To meet the
fast-changing demands of today’s power generation industry, Customers often
need to maximize their power systems’ performance at the lowest possible cost.

advances, new energy efficiency regulatory requirements, health & safety and/or
environmental concerns are just a few of the many reasons why energy businesses
are increasingly faced with the need to make changes to existing facilities.

(TGC) Power Plant Rehabilitation range of
services includes:

Plant general
assessment from initial site survey up to detailed report with recommended

Repowering of
conventional steam plants with the installation of gas turbines

Add on of
steam turbines in existing open cycles

Replacement of
existing equipment


with addition of storage/integration with renewables

modifications to improve old equipment’s performance and/or reliability and/or
extend lifecycle

solutions for equipment upgrades (e.g. emissions compliance, flexibility

Cyber security

plant support through remote monitoring






Through the support of our partners, we provide engineering design, equipment / system supply, installation start-up and operation. It is divided into

The following two teams:

CASE ‘Study Team (CST) and they are responsible for:

Collecting the required information

Designing the feasibility studying

Planning (project management)

Handing placement of orders

Operation And Maintenance Team (OMT) and they are responsible for:

Fabricating water and wastewater treatment facilities on-site

Revamping of existing installation

Installing and commissioning of equipment’s and systems

Replacing defected components with high quality repair kits and spare-parts

Offering periodical maintenance as an after sales service





(TGC) & GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE, generators combine the proven design of a long tradition and know-how, with the high performance and reliability ensured by the worldwide experience gained in more than 300 applications GE OIL&GAS NUOVO PIGNONE generators can be customized project by project according to Customer’s need, in order to meet their unique technical specifications and requirements. The generator technology is continuously improved and updated by dedicated R&D activities including new design tools, finite element 3D analysis of mechanical, electrical and ventilation behavior

All our models show excellent quality and are suitable for several applications such as:

·         Simple and combined cycle power plants

·         Steam power plants

·         Geothermal power plants

·         Rotating synchronous compensators

·         Hydro Power Plants.

Our manufacturing and commissioning skills provide with the Customer the best and tailored solution for any application





Energy transmission line are used for transmission of electric energy from the power plants to the transformer stations in proximity of the electric consumption areas or the distribution thereof from these stations to end-users.

These towers are designed and manufactured considering the parameters such as routes of the energy transmission lines, geographical, land and atmospheric conditions, line voltages, carrying capacity and intended use specified below.

·         Suspension Towers: These are the towers that are only intended to carry the conductors and that are used in the linear routes or small angled corners, where the conductors are bound with a suspension insulator.

·         Tension/Angle Towers: These are the towers that are intended to carry the line conductors and fix the same with a tension insulator and that are used in the linear route or corners.

·         Crossing Towers: These are the towers that are specially designed for the locations, where a significant level of traffic prevails, such as highways, watercourses or railways or long-distance river/sea crossings.

·         Terminal/Dead End Towers: These are the towers that are used at the beginning or end of the lines for terminating the transmission line purposes.





(TGC) In 2015, through our partner GE oil & gas Nuovopignone engineering, Technical Services (AMTS) to provide a full spectrum of Oil and Gas services across Iraq. These services include:

·         Rotating Equipment Services:

Repair, overhaul, and maintenance of all types of gas and steam turbines, centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, pumps & gearboxes.

·         Valves Services:

Refurbishments of most type of valves, including but not limited to Actuators, Ball, Check, Choke, Control, Gate, Globe, PCV, Plug and Safety Relief valves.

·         Pressure Control Equipment

Inspection, repair, testing and recertification of pressure control equipment including BOP’s, Annular and Diverters.

·         Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing and recertification of Flanges, Drilling spools, Cross over connectors, Spacer spools, DSA’s and test stumps as per API 6A and 16A

·         Inspection Services

AMTS specializes in OCTG / Tubular inspection and NOT services in compliance with international standards such as API, DS-1, NS-2 and ASNT. AMTS is also a certified member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) for the inspection and certification of all types of lifting equipment.

·         Welding and Fabrication Services

AMTS has an experienced team of 6G welders and qualified fabrication specialists to offer on-time, customized services of the highest quality. Multiple welding procedures available covering extensive processes and metals.